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Applying for jobs can be time consuming...

  • Takes time
  • Competitive
  • No plan on how to apply
  • Interview process

How to stand out during
the hiring process...

  • Automate searching process
  • Stand out on applications
  • Shine during interviews
  • Enter the role with confidence

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Understanding and Knowledge

  • Identify why you want to work in this industy
  • Build knowledge of Crypto sectors
  • Map out your career plans through bull and bear markets

How many jobs could you identify as a good fit if you just know where to look!

Map, identify and secure

  • Identify companies you wish to work at
  • Narrow down which roles will be a good fit
  • Make a hotlist of your top 10 companies and locate where they post their open job listings

Applications and Credibility

  • Build a Crypto resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Learn unique application methods specific to Crypto
  • Develop an authority in your chosen sector to stand out from your competition

What if you could halve the time it takes to follow up a lead?

Hiring Manager Mode

  • Curate your applications to each role and stand out
  • Develop interview techniques with demonstratable evidence of your skills and experience
  • Career growth and development once you land your dream role

Candidate testimonials

“The team is really attentive and helpful and well connected in the crypto space. Really amiable and easy to talk to. Overall the ethos of the company is admirable.”


Candidate testimonials

“I was looking to transition my career into blockchain and reached out to Mani with hopes to get some direction. Mani got to understand my career goals and aspirations on a deep level and truly understood me as a candidate. Thankfully with some hard preparation, and Mani there to guide me in navigating the hiring process, I was able to land a DREAM job in Blockchain.”


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