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About me

I got involved with Bitcoin back in 2015 and I got involved with Sha-256 and Scrypt mining, This is also how I learned about Block Explorers, Mining Pools, Hash Power and Mining Difficulties. Then in 2016 I started to learn about PoS, Masternodes, Airdrops and Bounty contest which is cool beacuse I can see that there’s different levels of earning cryptocurrency in the Blockchain Industry.


Then in 2017 I got into “Lending Platforms” and ICO which is super risky because you never know what’s going to be on the end of the tunnel, So I told myself “Why would I need a 3rd person party to trade for me if I can learn it myself” So I did.


Along behold in 2018 I was a trader and also doing technical analysis on youtube and educating everyone on social media by creating Cryptocurrency Contents and tutorials.



  • 2021 - Present

    Community Manager

    My job is to help the community with their issues and keep the community up to date with new announcements.

  • 2021 - Present
    DeFi Yield Protocol

    Community Manager

    My job is to provide the best customer service and provide the community with the information bthey need. Also maintain a positive environment for everyone as well.

  • 2020 - 2020

    Trading Tutor

    I will be hosting online trading Class Starting on 2pm Est time.

  • 2018 - Present

    Cryptocurrency Influencer

    I always create cryptocurrency contents on YouTube, I also love to educate others by creating tutorial videos on how to setup a PoW, PoS and Mastenode operation, I also love to help companies as well by promoting their project on my channel and help them gain new members and Investors.





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