Crypto Jobs Podcast: Victor from Sparklecoin

In this episode, we are joined by Victor, from Sparklecoin.

Sparklecoin is launching the SPRK Awards Platform, a turnkey end to end solution for the exchange of virtual assets and fiat currencies by means of a stable token valued at $1 and any number of cryptocurrencies with constantly changing values governed by the SparkleCOIN (SPRK) token.

The solution includes business methodologies, software technologies, integration, a blockchain, and direct real time transactions with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Listen in and hear Victor’s journey in the blockchain space, his role at Sparklecoin and his advice on building a career in blockchain.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Sparklecoin, you can check out the links below.


Website: Sparklecoin

Twitter: Sparklecoin

Facebook: Sparklecoin

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