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Company Description

=====🌩 SATSRIVER 🌩=====
The internet is fundamentally broken. It’s because of monetization. “Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the outcome”
The mission is to remonetize the web → by enabling value for value monetary exchanges between pubs/creators/orgs and their users – a new business model for the open internet.

We are unlocking this with friction-minimized streaming payments that are no/low cost, instantly settled, trust-minimized.

It is built on the best global digital monetary network ever conceived – Bitcoin ฿ – enabled by Lightning Network – but most users don’t need to know this or be a Bitcoiner – it is a technology layer that enables unique product experiences + openness.

We are well-funded and backed by Castle Island Ventures – headed by Nic Carter and Matt Walsh – who are leaders in the space (
They are early investors in amazing companies like BlockFi, Casa, River Financial and Coinmetrics (which Nic co-founded).