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Wirex is an FCA Licenced, a global leader in digital money solutions for both personal and commercial use. They seamlessly integrate traditional and cryptocurrencies to support multi-currency accounts, transfer and exchange services. The platform combines the speed and security of a blockchain payments infrastructure, with the convenience of a mobile device.

Wirex is playing a vital role in bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream by creating a trusted environment within which to buy, sell, exchange and make payments.

They are the originators of the world’s first contactless Visa debit card for cryptocurrencies and reinvented the concept of loyalty points with the introduction of the innovative Cryptoback™ rewards programme. The programme pays card users 1.5% back in Bitcoin on point of sale retail purchases, transport and entertainment.

The platform supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple, Ethereum, Waves, Wollo, Dai, GBP, EUR and USD. This means that users can instantly exchange these currencies with bank-beating rates. Money transfers are free between Wirex users, and accounts can be funded via bank transfer, debit or credit card.

Since 2014, over 3 million clients in over 130 countries have made over $3bn in transactions.