Employer Description

YFDAI is an integrated DeFi platform for the next generation of blockchain financial services.  Their cryptocurrency YF-DAI token is used throughout the website portals for investing, trading, service fees and rewards programs.

YFDAI is an entire ecosystem of products including Staking, Farming, Lending, Borrowing, SafeSwap DEX, LaunchPad, Insurance, SafePredict, SafeTrade, NFT’s, and other related products and services to come in 2021 including E-commerce, E-wallet, CEX, Debit Cards etc.

YFDAI has obtained a License in Estonia enabling them to engage in Fiat to Crypto transactions and to run a Fiat to Crypto Central Exchange.  YFDAI is contributing to the evolution of the global financial system and the future of money.

Our vision is to provide a safe trading, investing, and Yield Farming platform similar to other DEX’s and Yield Farming products in the industry such as Uniswap, Tradeswap, and Lid. YFDAI intends to exercise due diligence vetting of projects seeking to launch on YFDAI’s LaunchPad platform to prevent scams and rug pulls that are all too common in the industry lately. YFDAI also seeks to inform, educate, and connect communities through news, data, events and research.

YFDAI has partnered with several other projects in the sector to provide incubation services, financial funding services and other DeFi products and is uniquely positioned to change the DeFi business model for the better. YFDAI seeks to improve the reputation of the space by de-risking investing in new startup projects that adhere to YFDAI’s quality standards.

YFDAI is leveraging the power of the blockchain to bring a trustless, permissionless, decentralized ecosystem eventually to be governed by the community (DAO) as well as a centralized licensed platform that bridges real-world financial products with the crypto space.