Job Packages

We are much more than a Job Listing platform

Our team of Blockchain experts understand that recruiting is a key area for your companies growth.

  • Posted immediately

    Your job listing is posted immediately and shared to our jobseekers on our social network within 24 hours.

  • Applicant Tracking System

    Track all your applications in the user dashboard. You can message candidates and arrange interviews.

  • Background Checks

    We can provide bespoke background checks on the successful candidate before you make an offer.

  • Pre-Interview Assessments

    We can offer your team the ability to assess candidates including coding tests, video questions and culture fit assessments.

  • Social Promotion

    Utilise our social network to increase your companies brand appeal to potential candidates.

  • Interview Management

    Connect your Zoom to schedule candidate meetings and interviews directly from your dashboard.

Who hires with us

We work with a wide range of Blockchain companies, from established Blue Chips to emerging Startups.

Our Job Packages

We offer a range of job listing packages to help you find the right hire.


$250.00 Per Listing
  • Job displayed for 30 days
  • Urgent listing
  • Unlimited Applicants
  • 4 Tweets and Newsletter shares


$500.00 Per Month
  • All Standard Features PLUS
  • Unlimited job listings
  • Automated direct from your careers page/ATS
  • All jobs synced daily
  • Podcast with your founder