VP Investor Relations


Shortly after starting this company, we began raising funds for a presale of our Amalgam crypto token, AMG. We were fortunate enough to get some great reception of our whitepaper, which ultimately led to some moderately successful fundraising.

However, between building AMG, filing paperwork with the SEC to ensure compliance, remaining in contact with writers, and building new blockchain based software solutions, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach out to new investors and update our current investors of new developments.

With that being said, we are in search of a new Vice President of Investor Relations. This is a crucial role in our company’s hierarchy. You will be the first line of communication between the organization and any potential of current investors.

While we are absolutely not trying to find someone to solicit random investments, you must be familiar with fundraising. Our ideal candidate is a well-connected individual with an established network and a good understanding of finance.

You must know how to write web copy, as you will work closely with the CEO and CFO on investor updates. You must also understand how pre-sales, ICO’s and Public Offerings work.

We will familiarize you with various SEC regulations to which we are either subject of exempted from, as well as our current correspondence with investors.

While this position will start on a commission-only, one-month trial basis, you will immediately be compensated in Amalgam (our Cryptocurrency token) and equity in the company. Should we decide that the trial run is successful enough to become long term or permanent position, we will proceed with a competitive full-time compensation package.