Smart Contract Platform/dApp Integration Engineer


Job Description

Airnode is a serverless oracle node designed to be operated by API providers, and will act as a gateway between traditional Web APIs and smart contracts running on blockchains. This position will help to integrate Airnode with multiple blockchains, support the dApps being built that use Airnode as a data source, and support the business development team for the related communications.


  • Integrate Airnode with blockchains and dApps
  • Have a solid grasp of the technical details of Airnode to be able to implement the integrations
  • Support the business development team with technical guidance
  • Assist partner projects looking to use API data from Airnode
  • Create prototypes to fulfill business development goals
  • Join internal and external calls with the business development team
  • Work remotely with an internationally distributed team


  • 3+ years of professional experience as a software engineer
  • Proficiency with Node.js
  • Proficiency with Solidity, frameworks such as web3.js/ethers.js
  • Soft skills


  • React for dApp development
  • Good grasp of modern software development tools (testing frameworks, CI/CD, version control, etc.)
  • Experience with Docker and Terraform