Smart Contract Security Engineer

New York, USA

About You:

You’re a self-starter. You believe in tackling the most important problems, even if they are the most difficult problems. You are comfortable with the unknown and understand that startup life means that you’re going to be wearing multiple hats. And that’s what motivates you. You’re accountable and obsessed with improvement, both in yourself and in others. You’re up to the challenge of building a world-class company that aims to be the infrastructure for more secure software for all.

About the Company:

CertiK leads blockchain security by securing smart contracts and blockchains networks with proprietary methodology, techniques, and tooling. Founded by Computer Science professors of Yale University and Columbia University, CertiK has audited and secured over $8B in assets, including many of the world’s top blockchain projects. Our aim is to build the most passionate, technically-gifted, and engineering-focused blockchain security team.


  • Passionate about Cryptocurrency/Defi/Blockchain
  • 2+ years of experience in solidity, the EVM and blockchain technology
  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science/Security Information
  • Solid experience in threat analysis, APT or response
  • Experienced in threat and vulnerability management, penetration testing and SecOps (intrusion detection, security logging, malware analysis, and forensics)
  • Experience developing tooling in Solidity, Vyper, Javascript and Python
  • Strong Math background is a plus
  • Professional experience as SWE, or Security Engineer is a plus

About the Role:

The primary responsibility of this role is for CertiK’s security-related services. Intersecting cybersecurity and blockchain, CertiK’s security offerings include security consulting, security reviews, security auditing of smart contracts and blockchains, verification of smart contracts, penetration testing, and more.

We are looking to hire someone with a passion for Solidity, a deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), distributed computing, and security. Candidates should have an eye for detail and have a passion for combining their skills with a flair for creativity and insight to hack smart contracts. This is a fun and challenging full-time position.

If you are excited about hacking, threat modelling, scanning, auditing, designing, and enhancing the security of smart contracts across the board then you will thrive in this role. While you work with clients, we will also provide you with plenty of opportunities to get involved with research and development efforts to help us raise the standards of blockchain security.