Social Media Manager


Exodus is looking for a talented Social Media Manager to join our team and connect with our community to drive growth on our social media accounts. You will be responsible for creating original content, managing posts, and developing a social media strategy.

As a Social Media Manager, we expect you to be up-to-date with the latest digital technologies and social media trends. You should have excellent communication skills and be able to express our company’s views creatively.

You should be passionate about connecting with customers through social media to ensure and increase customer engagement. That passion will show as you engage with the Exodus Community on a daily basis, with the ultimate goal of turning fans into customers and turning customers into advocates.

What You Will Do

This position requires an understanding of the most up-to-date social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, etc.) with an emphasis on Twitter. Basic responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to user research methods, content management software, and other tooling to:

  • Develop and implement social media/engagement strategy at a day-to-day, actionable level by creating short, medium, and long-term tactical plans.
  • Optimize social media profiles, create and manage regular posts- including content.
  • Consistently engage in content creation, posting for social media, according to a content calendar.
  • Outcomes will be increased platform engagement, increased followers, and increased Community engagement and website traffic.
  • You’ll work independently, and you should expect to often work under tight deadlines and changing priorities.
  • Manage Exodus’ social media accounts and engage directly with consumers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Collaborate with Community Support and MarCom teams to develop campaign activation briefs, social media plans, and relevant proposals.
  • Utilize Agorapulse and Hootsuite to monitor campaign performance, inform strategic decisions, track industry current events, and capitalize on impromptu opportunities.

Who You Are

  • Proven work experience in social media management specifically on Twitter. Reddit and YouTube experience a plus
  • Hands-on experience in content management
  • Excellent copywriting skills
  • Ability to deliver creative content (text, image, and video)
  • Knowledge of online marketing channels
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Analytical and multitasking skills
  • Thorough understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and players
  • Experience with Hootsuite, and other content management programs a plus
  • Solid knowledge of SEO, keyword research, and Google Analytics is a plus

What We Offer

  • Freedom to work wherever you want, whenever you want.
  • Building the future. Cryptocurrencies lay the foundation of the internet of value, the next major wave in application technology, and personal finance.
  • Collaborative and feedback-driven culture.
  • Opportunity to grow. The sky’s the limit if you’re hungry to succeed.
  • Fair pay, no matter where you live.
  • Competitive compensation package.

Your Journey at Exodus

In your first 30 days you will meet the team, learn about our internal processes and work towards

Salary and Payment

All salaries are paid in Bitcoin.

Our Hiring Process

At Exodus, we pride ourselves on hiring people from all around the world. We work with individuals from various backgrounds; some traditional and some a bit more unconventional.

Our hiring process focuses on 2 pillars:

  • Efficiency. You can expect the process to take between one and two weeks. We know what it’s like to wait weeks for a recruiter to get back to you and want to be respectful of your time.
  • Transparency. We anticipate you asking questions and will answer with the utmost candor.

We are committed to shaping a better world and have built our team based on always being candid, customer advocacy, commitment to help and delivery.

Overall, our goal is that you have a great candidate experience with us.

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