Ethereum Smart Contract Developer


Job Description

Are you passionate about decentralization and building the new governance systems that will make the old ones obsolete? If so, read on.

What Will You Do?

You will be part of Kleros’ software development team, working closely with the team on open source code. You will develop smart contracts needed for Kleros and dapps integrated to run: write code, participate in code reviews, conduct tests and deal with potential bugs and vulnerabilities reported through our bug bounty programs and audits.

Smart contract being critical pieces of software, you will need to follow rigorous security processes. You will need an extremem attention to details. Keeping up to date with solidity and new vulnerability types will be crucial.

The Ethereum ecosystem is innovating quickly; so above all, you will be learning new things all the time.

Skills Required

  • Solidity.
  • Understanding of basic cryptographic tools (hash functions, asymetric cryptography, merkle trees, etc).
  • General Computer Security skills (computer security classes, participation in CTFs, earning bug bounties, etc). # Appreciated Knowledge:
  • Vyper.
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine and Inline Assembly.
  • Ethereum scalability tools currently being developed.
  • Cross-chain communication methods.
  • Basic understanding of economy and game theory.


We offer competitive pay for extraordinary people. The % indicated in the Equity Range field corresponds to a PNK token allocation. You will also get voting rights in the Kleros Cooperative.

Salary range: $50k-$100k 

Equity range: 0.05% – 0.1% 


You can either come to the Lisbon office or work fully remotely. In either case, main work jurisdiction is Github and Slack.