Blockchain public chain development engineer



1. Responsible for the development, testing, operation and maintenance of the blockchain public chain; 

2. Develop relevant blockchain business solutions, promote and assist partners in completing the project;

Job requirements:

1. Uniform recruitment of bachelor degree or above, 985211 college or master degree or above is preferred;

2. More than 3 years of Internet industry development experience, and more than 1 year of blockchain industry development experience;

3. Master at least one mainstream blockchain system development language such as Go, Java, C, Go is preferred, and those who have participated in the blockchain development community and contributed source code are preferred; 

4. Master encryption algorithm, consensus algorithm, network security, distributed computing, and knowledge of Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS source code is preferred; 

5. Understand the principle and use of mainstream NoSQL databases, especially KV-type databases, including but not limited to LevelDB, RocksDB, etc.; 

6. Results-oriented, strong sense of responsibility and achievement motivation, excellent communication skills; 

7. Good English reading and writing skills.