Blockchain product manager

Shenzen, Singapore, Remote


1. Participate in the product architecture planning, overall function and design planning of the company’s blockchain platform, and promote the continuous evolution of the product; 

2. Improve the blockchain product design of the existing C-end application products, and improve the performance and ease of use of the existing blockchain application system; 

3. Research on competing products, pay attention to the blockchain industry and related product trends, explore broader application scenarios in the C-end application field, and promote the implementation of solutions. 

4. Demand management, coordinate various technical teams, promote development progress, and ensure normal iteration of the platform version; 

5. Collect and sort out product problem feedback from customers and the company, and promote product function improvement; 

Job requirements:

1. Have a strong interest in blockchain technology, understand blockchain related technologies and concepts, understand Bitcoin, Ethereum, coin, currency world, contract emperor, Mars Finance, non-small, Babbitt and other popular areas in the industry Block chain design characteristics; 

2. Strong curiosity and independent thinking ability, passion for technology; 

3. Excellent communication and coordination ability, resource integration ability, and strong execution; 

4. Have a certain ability to withstand pressure, be practical and responsible; 

5. Excellent project management ability; 6. Experience in designing wallets, accounting software, and information products is preferred

TPworking environment

  • Two offices in Shenzhen  and Singapore  , can be deployed on demand
  • Remote Friendly  ,can work remotely according to position and ability
  • Flexible working hours
  • A group of colleagues who love technology and are low-key and pragmatic

TPRequirements for you

  • Upright
  • Keep learning
  • Teamwork
  • Self-discipline, self-drive, self-management
  • A little more ideal, perfectionism is better