Various Roles


ZEL is a decentralised open ecological system that can connect the crypto economy with the physical space.

Zel, a cryptocurrency with private and transparent addresses using the Equihash(125,4) Proof-of- work algorithm, is the basic currency in the ecosystem.

ZelCore, a multi-currency wallet with a large number of users, is responsible for traffic portals and ecological entrances, of which ZelCore+ integrates multiple types of exchange APIs.

ZelNodes constitute a decentralised large-scale computational network platform. This ecological power engine, with the help of the ZelFlux OS (Operating system) as an ecological wormhole, drives Dapps, smart contracts, asset layers, side chains, etc. It connects the crypto economy and the real world on such as finance, business, industry, health, medical, education or other public services.

The Zel project is currently looking to add new team members and are looking for the following:

  • Social Media Manager Marketing and PR Development
  • Full-Stack Devs
  • Multimedia Content Development
  • Listing Agent

If you are interested in any of the above roles you can send you CV + cover letter or request more information to the following: