Web 3 Developer


xToken Labs is hiring an experienced Web3 Developer eager to shape and facilitate the next wave of decentralized finance adoption. This developer will bring a curiosity for Ethereum, DeFi and financial derivatives, as well as an ambition to play an active role in the larger crypto community. We expect our new hire to contribute to the development of our smart contracts, user interfaces and internal toolkits and demonstrate the ability to execute effectively in a fast-paced, high-value ecosystem.

We’re a new project with many challenges and opportunities ahead. You’ll be a major contributor to the culture and growth of the project and a significant beneficiary of the project’s success.

We’re looking for developers with a genuine interest in the project and the product. Learn more from the materials below:

Please include the following in your application:

A link to your best web3 code (solidity and/or javascript)

A heterodox opinion

A serious suggestion for the xToken mascot