LaunchPad Success Manager


About YFDAI Finance:

YFDAI Finance is a comprehensive, permissionless ecosystem of decentralized financial services (“DeFi”) that is set to democratize finance once and for all. YFDAI’s mission is to provide a complete, trustless, and secure decentralized finance ecosystem that will lead the next generation of financial solutions.

Our ‘user-first’ philosophy centers around transparency, security, and ease of use. We aim to democratize finance and serve as a catalyst for mass adoption of the next generation of financial products. On this foundation, YFDAI links traditional finance with decentralized networks to bring recognizable products such as lending, borrowing, saving, insurance and investment into a new era.
Our vision embodies the philosophy behind blockchain and decentralized finance — to provide trustless, transparent financial services to society at large. YFDAI is a financial gateway that empowers people to participate in the global financial system by providing untethered access to financial services in a safe and secure manner.

YFDAI is committed to establishing a proven and enduring ‘best practices’ model for the decentralized finance industry with a “user first” framework that provides all the necessary financial services that works for everyone in a transparent and economical way.

Our comprehensive, peer-to-peer platform will become a recognizable hub of financial solutions proving that there are no limits to how we can transact on a global scale.
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About LaunchPad Success Manager Role:

Blockchain technology is primed to remake the concepts of finance that have been essentially unchanged for more than 300 years. We are moving from a bank-centric world of monolithic financial products and services, to a user-centric world of direct-to-consumer financial apps and personal control of funds. YFDAI is building a full DeFi ecosystem on the blockchain designed to enable this revolutionary shift at a mass-market scale.

YFDAI LaunchPad is an incubator service bringing first-time project token offerings to market. Key elements of LaunchPad include:

(1) expert design of the proposed token’s economics (tokenomics)

(2) proper marketing and technical services, including a smart contract audit by a YFDAI partner

(3) hosting the pre-sale fundraising, and (4) list on YFDAI’s SafeSwap exchange.

In the LaunchPad Assistant Manager role, you have the opportunity to define the first touchpoints users have with unique new crypto projects, at the very cutting edge of a rapidly growing space. Responsibilities and qualifications listed below.

You must have some prior working experience in blockchain or cryptocurrency.

This is strictly a remote working opportunity. We are looking for a full-time candidate that is comfortable working in a contractor capacity, with an Independent Contractor’s Agreement. Our LaunchPad and DEX only lists the best quality projects both new and established.

All team salaries are paid in YFDAI tokens.


  • You are a self-starter who will represent YFDAI in discussions with potential new projects for YFDAI’s LaunchPad that is open to new projects on a global basis
  • All work will be done remotely and via telegram and zoom chat. Your objective is to locate and recruit promising new projects for fund-raising on our token LaunchPad.
  • Project management responsibilities for LaunchPad are critical. The Launchpad Manager has will be an integral part of: (1) Marketing strategy and execution (influencer management, press releases, earned press, etc..) working alongside select executive team members and the Marketing Operations Manager, (2) Project management from initial LaunchPad project onboarding through pre-sale, public sale, listing, and beyond, and (3) reporting into the Executive Team with scheduled reports, issues that arise, and potential solutions
  • You will have an army of YFDAI community members at your disposal who you can manage and direct to assist you with your tasks
  • In addition to managing and executing on walking a project through our LaunchPad process, you will deliver project feedback to our Product team to assist their quest to build a leading user experience.
  • Once a new project completes the LaunchPad application process you will also need to follow the project through the vetting process to make sure all due diligence criteria are met, including team KYC, checking all submitted documents and links and other tasks.
  • You will be responsible for creating, overseeing and organizing various materials related to our incubator service and be comfortable using various data management and organization tools such as Google Office tools, Trello, Microsoft Office, and potentially other software solutions

Required Qualifications:

  • 3-5+ years of technology sales/marketing/operations experience, with 2+ years in the cryptocurrency industry
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to interact effectively with all levels throughout the organization
  • Passion for cryptocurrency market development
  • Advanced software skills in Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Trello, and are a quick study when using new software tools
  • Team player attitude and ability to work independently
  • Ability to build strong relationships at all levels of a business
  • Capable of managing and prioritizing multiple requests and strong analytical and problem-solving skills to provide creative solutions to real-time challenges
  • Strongly preferred to be located in the Americas in order to maximize working hours overlap with the primary members of the product team and core business executive team
  • Work remotely on a flexible schedule but be able to put in a typical week day while being able to work early and/or late as needed
  • Highly organized and detail oriented
  • Thrives in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment
  • Bachelor’s degree

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Know the crypto community and relevant companies in the ecosystem
  • Solid network of contacts to reach out to and introduce YFDAI as a potential partner, for YFDAI LaunchPad and other product/service areas of the the greater YFDAI ecosystem
  • Proactive enthusiasm for solving problems and adding value to the company
  • Rolodex of high-frequency crypto relationships or the ability and desire to create and grow these relationships through cold reach-out, conferences & event attendance

YFDAI Equal Employment Opportunity Statement: YFDAI is committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of race, color, genetic information, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, lawful alien status, national origin, age, marital status, and non-job related physical or mental disability, or protected veteran status.