Marketing Operations Manager


About YFDAI Finance:

YFDAI Finance is a comprehensive, permissionless ecosystem of decentralized financial services (“DeFi”) that is set to democratize finance once and for all.

YFDAI’s mission is to provide a complete, trustless, and secure decentralized finance ecosystem that will lead the next generation of financial solutions. Our ‘user-first’ philosophy centers around transparency, security, and ease of use. We aim to democratize finance and serve as a catalyst for mass adoption of the next generation of financial products. On this foundation, YFDAI links traditional finance with decentralized networks to bring recognizable products such as lending, borrowing, saving, insurance and investment into a new era.

Our vision embodies the philosophy behind blockchain and decentralized finance — to provide trustless, transparent financial services to society at large. YFDAI is a financial gateway that empowers people to participate in the global financial system by providing untethered access to financial services in a safe and secure manner. YFDAI is committed to establishing a proven and enduring ‘best practices’ model for the decentralized finance industry with a “user first” framework that provides all the necessary financial services that works for everyone in a transparent and economical way.

Our comprehensive, peer-to-peer platform will become a recognizable hub of financial solutions proving that there are no limits to how we can transact on a global scale.

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About Marketing Operations Manager Role:

You will be an integral part of the Marketing and Operations teams, and help advance the growth of YFDAI through our marketing channels, partnership network, and service offering, including our incubator, YFDAI LaunchPad. You will be working in one of the most innovative industries in tech and blockchain, decentralized finance.

The right candidate is tech-savvy, detail-oriented, excited about marketing, very well organized, eager to learn, and has a proactive attitude with a teammate mindset. We are a tight-nit and collaborative team, working together to lead and evolve the decentralized finance industry. You will be working closely with the COO and other senior executives at YFDAI.

You must have some prior working experience in blockchain or cryptocurrency.

This is strictly a remote working opportunity. We are looking for a full-time candidate that is comfortable working in a contractor capacity, with an Independent Contractor’s Agreement.

All team salaries are paid in YFDAI tokens.


  • Distribute content across select marketing channels, including YFDAI’s Telegram channels, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YFDAI’s influencer network
  • Collate data from 3rd party marketing partners to analyze their performance and cross-reference with services agreements to report their effectiveness
  • Research new marketing avenues to grow YFDAI’s user base and incubator program
  • Assist with the handling of marketing partners and ensuring that they fulfil their contractual obligations to YFDAI
  • Host AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) events in the YFDAI Telegram channel
  • Coordinate with marketing campaigns with YFDAI LaunchPad (incubator) projects
  • Assist with token launch preparations for LaunchPad projects, including auditing and optimizing LaunchPad projects’ marketing materials and project management duties
  • Work with YFDAI’s graphics and video designers to make sure images and videos are completed when needed
  • Organize and file internal, client, and partner documents in YFDAI’s document management system


  • Demonstrated marketing experience / skills ​ working in blockchain or cryptocurrency at some point in career
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • A proactive demeanour
  • Collaborative by nature, a team player
  • A natural self-starter who needs minimal direction to execute
  • Great organization skills
  • Working experience with Google Suite and Microsoft Suite is a must, experience with some kind of CRM is preferred (Salesforce,, etc….)
  • Attention to detail
  • Quick study, able to pick up new technologies quickly
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Very adaptable, with experience working in a business where required tasks may change quickly
  • Bachelors Degree is a plus
  • EST working hours +/-5 preferred.