Customer Success Specialist

Remote (USA)
  • $48,000 - $54,000 per year
  • August 25, 2020 helps individual cryptocurrency investors and accountants with their tax filings. We have thousands of customers and have processed over $1B of transactions. We are a venture backed, 15-person team, established in 2017. We work with Big 4 accounting firms, large CPA firms, wealthy investors, and everyday traders. We are growing fast and are looking for great team members!

Compensation: $48-54k/yr (with bonus)
Vacation: unlimited- just get your work done
Benefits: health, dental, vision. Education stipend. Will purchase a computer for you.

This is a 100% Remote position. Work from Anywhere. We may have an annual meeting in LA, Seattle, or somewhere else- which we will fly you in for.
We will hire from any US timezone. We set schedules monthly and are extremely flexible.

However you must have good availability for shifts during the 9am-9pm Eastern Time window and weekends. Our customers often work on their taxes on the weekends.

We have about two hours of weekly meetings. The rest is just ad hoc communications as needed. We work collaboratively to make sure customers succeed and are happy. There is no micromanaging.

We all have lives outside of work. We like trading jokes and chatting during the day while we work. Topics include travel, sports, pop culture, and lots of memes. We work really hard to drive high CSAT and NPS, but we also are a close-knit group that feels more like family than “a job”. If you’re laid back and have a good sense of humor, you’ll love working with us – and our awesome customers!

What you will Do:

Core Activity #1: Help Customers Succeed.

Taxes and cryptocurrency can be complicated. Our customers will need help navigating our application, third party applications like cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges, and some help understanding accounting and tax issues. Customers will need help creating simple spreadsheets or making adjustments to their account. We offer support by phone, email, and chat and also schedule video calls with customers to screen share and show them how to get their tax filing in order. We reply during evenings and weekends. We are very polite to our customers, who are often stressed. 98% of our customers are awesome, and they are very appreciative of your help navigating our software and an ever-changing industry. We are always supportive and respectful to our customers- but we don’t let them walk all over us. We are professionals and we expect to be treated as such.

We view Customer Success as a key part of how we grow our business. Many customers refer their friends and accountants. We form business partnerships based on the strength of our customer service too. So, during peak tax seasons, it’s all hands on deck as we deal with hundreds of customers during a very stressful time for them. So, you will see the executive team and senior developers helping basically on a 24/7 cycle in late December, March, April, and October.

This position requires quick, efficient communication. You’ll have to learn and understand how our software works, how cryptocurrency works, how taxes and accounting works, and how people work. You’ll have to listen carefully and solve problems. Sometimes you’ll have to apologize or ask for forgiveness. You’ll have to learn a lot of new things and problem solve. Be prepared to talk about your experience doing this on a regular basis. Our software is on the very cutting-edge of a cutting edge industry, and things change on a weekly basis in our business so being proactive when communicating with customers as well as your team members is crucial to the company’s success.

Core Activity #2: Product Development

We are constantly trying to learn. You will be taking customer feedback so we can make everyone’s lives easier. You can also update our instructional materials to help customers and reduce your own workload. Every time you uncover something new or important, raise it to the team to help educate everyone. The front line CS folks are truly vital in operations and product improvement.

A background in accounting, tax, or fintech SaaS tech support is great, but not required. If you are AWESOME, EMPATHETIC, and possess intellectual curiosity in spades and are jazzed by constantly learning and growing, we can teach the rest! If you want to learn something new by attending a conference, buy a book, or purchasing an online course- we’ll pay for that.

Core Activity #3: Marketing

We have a number of marketing activities around writing articles, copywriting, social media, and video production. There’s always a project or two to keep fresh if you want to.

In this role you will:

-Develop deep knowledge of the ZenLedger software and Crypto Tax treatments and standards
-Partner with our customers to effectively assess and resolve issues through chat, email and phone support
-Answer “how to” questions and help customers navigate a variety of features in ZenLedger
-Diagnose and report software issues along with UI/UX and customer navigation issues and engage with our product and engineering teams using established processes to ensure customer success
-Communicate thoughtful, customized solutions that help customers quickly and accurately report and file their Crypto Taxes
-Show composure, resilience, and flexibility as customer needs evolve and case volume fluctuates
-Work is performed under limited supervision with considerable latitude for the use of initiative and independent problem solving. We have your back, and we also are constantly available to help you feel confident in your decisions.

We are looking for people who:

-Find creative problem solving fulfilling and challenging
-Are self motivated and eager to learn – this industry is always changing, and we all teach each other what we learn on a daily basis
-Thrive in a dynamic and collaborative environment and are self starters
-Adapt quickly and respectfully to changing priorities and customer needs
-Have a clear, professional, and informative communication style

Who You Will Work With:

Pat Larsen, CEO. US Air Force Academy grad, Chicago Booth MBA. Experience in M&A investment banking, Amazon, and startups.

Bryan Starbuck, CTO. UCSD comp sci grad. Bryan worked for 10 years at Microsoft. He has since worked on his own startups as the CEO/CTO with 3 exits, including TalentSpring and Assurance (2019, $2.3B).

Dan Hannum, COO. Univ South Carolina, MBA. Dan worked in TD Ameritrade’s Ultra High Net Worth client practice. He has been a crypto investor since 2013 and founded a crypto specific venture fund in 2016.