Crypto Jobs Podcast: Nick from Dock

On this episode, we are joined by Nick, the CEO at Dock.

Dock was founded with a mission to solve universal problems with existing data solutions: data silos and gatekeepers, untrusted and inaccurate information, incompatibilities across platforms, inefficiencies with verifying data, and lack of control and privacy for users.

Dock is open and permissionless across our technology, network and governance. By enabling any organization or developer to issue via Dock, we can work together across markets and industries to unlock a better future world powered by secure, individually-owned verifiable credentials.

Dock are also currently hiring and you can find out more info in the podcast and on our jobs sitehere.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Dock you can check out the links below.


Website: Dock

Twitter: Dock

Telegram: Dock

Jobs: Dock



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