Top 5 tips to build a Crypto resume

Everything moves fast in the Crypto space and recruitment is no different.

When you apply for a job, the odds are that the person or software looking at it spends less than 30 seconds reviewing your resume before making a yes or no decision.

So how can you stand out in this short timeframe and make the hiring manager take notice?

Below are our top 5 tips to build an awesome resume:

1. Add your crypto work experience. If you have no working experience in crypto, talk about the skills you have learnt in this industry so far

2. Keep it short, your resume should be no longer than 2 pages, ideally only 1 page

3. Highlight key achievements in previous roles in short bullet points.

4. Make it keyword friendly to your experience and the role. Modern recruitment software tools screen your resume for keywords and skills

5. Include a cover letter specific to the role talking about why you want the job. Show your understanding of the company.

You are now ready to make your resume better than your fellow jobseekers!

Final tip, once you have implemented the changes to your resume, ensure that you keep it up to date with any new skills, experience or training you develop over time.

Happy job hunting. You can check out the hottest crypto jobs at