Why look for a job in Blockchain?

As someone who has been in this industry since 2013, I have seen the majority of new entrants lean towards trading as their gateway into crypto.

It can often be a challenging experience as the majority of people do not make money from trading, with stats showing that 90% of traders lose money consistently.

If you couple this with the fact that most blockchain projects fail, are scams or have no future, its seems insane that people keep trying to succeed as traders, especially when they have a range of skills that could be used elsewhere.

Many long term crypto traders are also feeling the impact of years of trading volatile assets in a 24/7 market and feel the need to find a source of income in blockchain that enables a much more friendly lifestyle.

It has been well over 1 year since the end of the bear market, and for most readers, this will have been the busiest 12 months of your life now we are in a bull market.

One alternative to making money aside from trading in this industry is to use your skills and experience to find a suitable employment role.

The labour market in the blockchain sector is probably the largest area of growth in the entire industry and extremely bullish for jobseekers.

The number of vacancies is increasing year upon year and is not correlated to the price of crypto assets, meaning that there are lots of opportunities for everyone at any stage/cycle of the market.

The best blockchain jobs today are the ones people are creating for themselves. If you’re are good at analysing projects, become a crypto analyst. If you are good at writing content, become a content creator. If you are good at making memes, become a professional meme creator.

The barrier for entry is minimal and is nothing is stopping you from getting started.

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