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Honestly now, are you attracting the best candidates in your pipeline?

The best talent in Crypto is not
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Hiring can be time consuming
with no guaranteed result...

  • Lengthy process
  • Small talent pool
  • Inexperienced candidates
  • Not automated

What are the benefits of
hiring the right staff...

  • Company growth
  • Reduce workload on the existing team
  • Increase revenues
  • Meet milestones and deadlines

How much is this affecting your companies growth?

The cost of doing nothing could be much more than
doing something about it.
and lets discuss how we can solve your hiring problems
  • Lost opportunities and limited growth potential
  • Wasted time that could be spent building
  • Using limited team resources to fill the gaps
  • Missed deadlines and milestones

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Crypto Jobs Daily is the only recruitment partner with all the experience you need to source and place the best talent in your company.

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Build Talent Pipelines

  • Source Crypto experienced candidates
  • Nurture and filter candidate pipelines
  • Anticipate hiring needs rather than react to them
  • Boost employer brand

How many time could you save by only speaking to candidates with Crypto experience?

Hire the best

  • Personalise hiring process for each role
  • 10 step candidate screening process + rating
  • Culture fit, competency and role-based assessments
  • Incentivise new team members with reward based package

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Client Testimonial

“We needed several urgent hires for our team and Crypto Jobs Daily were able to deliver outstanding candidates for interview within days and we completed both hires in less than 2 weeks.”


Candidate Testimonial

“I was looking to transition my career into blockchain and reached out to Mani with hopes to get some direction. Mani got to understand my career goals and aspirations on a deep level and truly understood me as a candidate. Thankfully with some hard preparation, and Mani there to guide me in navigating the hiring process, I was able to land a DREAM job in Blockchain.

As a company looking to hire talent, I highly recommend using Crypto Jobs Daily and Mani’s talented team to save you time, money and stress when locating talented individuals for your projects/company.”

Business Dev Exec

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